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The secrets of paper

In September 2012 REMIDA took part in a project about the material nature of paper in its multiple relations and transformations, along with 3 infant toddler centres and 3 preschools: Alice, Peter Pan, Picasso, Gulliver, Munari and Robinson.


Paper, always considered with affection and familiarity, is reconsidered in its chain of production, becomes subject of an investigation in the world of production, recycling and artistic expressivity, and an opportunity for unusual research proposals for children and adults of different nationalities and professions.


The encounter with paper revealed its different, surprising qualities: its anatomic soul, its plasticity, its capacity of transforming, of building up relations, of keeping memory.


This project generated the exhibit “(C6H10=5)n The secrets of paper” inaugurated at the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre in May 2013, in occasion of the Remida Day.

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