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Reduction, Reuse, Recovery, Recycle = Project
a project of REMIDA and LO STUDIO


The waste materials took possession of a disused place, they animated these huge spaces by refreshing the role always linked to the urban and human story of the city. In May 2009 a large warehouse of Officine Reggiane, a fascinating example of industrial archaeology of the territory, hosted 4R=P, a project of sustainability meant as an idea, a style of life, a production method.


The protagonist was a 100-m-long installation, a “material” narration composed of production waste collected from the companies so as to become live materials to work, think and create with. The materials were presented to their full expressive potential, made of quantity, seriality, multiplication.


4R=P welcomed more than 4,000 visitors who participated in workshops, music evenings, narrations, photographic exhibits and in the cultivation of an urban vegetable garden.

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