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Between sustainability and creativity

Point of reference is the enhancing of waste materials, materials which requires care, respect and research of their expressive potentials, according to the idea that resources aren’t endless and even if they are waste materials this doesn’t mean that they have to be poor.


This is a living material, which generates thoughts and fosters knowledge. It can astonish and fascinate and at the same time can pose questions about environmental issues, about the meaning of sorted waste collection, about the reduction of consumptions and the nature of our individual choices.

The poetics REMIDA acknowledges to materials is an invitation to seek for beauty where we are not used to find it by suggesting that this sensitivity can be considered as an approach to the world.


More than 200 companies, factories and shops of the Reggian area are part of the project and deliver production and sale waste – found and collected by REMIDA thanks to the support of Iren – along with schools, associations and socio-educational institutions in Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia, which use the materials of REMIDA for their cultural and educational activities.


REMIDA belongs to the network of the educational resources around the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre and is part of the elaboration of an extensive system of city ateliers.


From 1996 to today more than 800 tons of waste went through the Centre and this contributed to extend the life of the materials destined to disposal.

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