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Collection and proposal of materials

The materials sorted out are delivered to REMIDA once a week thanks to the collaboration with Iren. Catalogued, aligned, coupled, piled up, sorted but also mixed: the arrangement of the materials is never made randomly. They are displayed in an intentionally propositional way so as to create empathy and offer some project clues.


REMIDA doesn’t want to be a mere warehouse of materials, it doesn’t use materials in a decorative way but it invites people to have a new approach, to go beyond stereotypes, beyond the obvious and the trivial.


Materials are offered to:

>Schools of every grade


>Social, cultural entities and charities of the provinces of Reggio Emilia, Parma and Piacenza.


It is not available to private citizens and companies.


The membership to the service/project requires an annual fee of 30 euro or of 50 euro according to the type of the entity and it lasts a school year.


> Download the Regulation for the membership to the service/project

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